The Shop
The shop
After breakfast, I walked to the grocery store to buy some cigarettes. It was a small village.
There were actually two, face to face on the same street. Of course they were both rivals but at the same time good friends.
I know the owner from the right hand corner shop very well, because I visited his establishment for years. Everybody has his own routine. When I entered the shop, a conversation started up.
‘Good morning, do you have two packs of Hollow cigarettes for me?’
‘I’m sorry, but since yesterday they’re sold out. The new stock hasn’t arrived yet. You can try the shop opposite, maybe, they have some’.
Strange, he sends me to his rival, but Turkish people are always very helpful, so I crossed the street and tried again.
When I went inside, there was nobody around. ‘Is there somebody to help me?’
A door opened and…the friendly man from the other shop came in.
‘Can I help you, Sir?’ He was looking at me as if he saw me for the first time in his life.
‘Do you have Hollow cigarettes for me?’ I also act dumb.
‘Yes, you are lucky, they just arrived yesterday.’
He bought the day before the shop from his rival.
Short story, written by Veli Göcmen oglu.

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